Though India has concluded its preparations to become a temporary member of the Security Council of the United Nations, Pakistan has voiced deep concern about it. Pakistan says it is not about happiness but the concern.

Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi said that India’s involvement as a temporary member in UNSC is a matter of concern for Pakistan as India has always rejected proposals on this prestigious platform, especially the Kashmir issue. Pakistan’s proposal given on

Qureshi said, “If the Indian Defense Minister is of the impression that Kashmiris are with him, I invite him to come to Muzaffarabad and see how many Kashmiris are of the same view.” On behalf of the Indian minister, the Pakistani authorities should call Srinagar and show the real picture.

Qureshi hit out at the Modi government, saying that the Indian government is a victim of misunderstandings, and therefore only after taking the opinion of Kashmiris on the matter will the reality be cleared.

It is noteworthy that on Sunday Rajnath Singh organized a Jammu Jan Samvad rally via a video and gave a statement about Kashmir ‘s conditions. Qureshi said, most of the neighboring countries of India including Pakistan, China, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka are not safe due to its antics.

He further said, ‘India’s fight with China over Ladakh issue has given the Bengalis a termite and its treatment of Sri Lanka and Nepal is not fair. India made the SAARC platform inoperative.

On June 17th the UNSC Temporary Security Council will be elected. The UN campus was closed in March following an epidemic caused by Coronavirus infection which will now be open for the process of this election.

According to Tirumurthy, India’s ambassador to the United Nations, India will get a two-thirds majority in the Elite-15 club of the Security Council.

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