The outbreak of the coronavirus infection is on the rise in different countries of the world. Amidst this catastrophe, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe declared an emergency on Tuesday.

The emergency does not apply in the whole country, but in certain regions where Coronavirus cases have occurred. According to the statement made by the Japanese PM, this system would stay in effect for one month.

According to the news agency, it will remain an emergency in 5 other provinces including the capital Tokyo in Japan, under which 44 percent of Japan’s population will come under it. Apart from this, a relief package of $ 990 billion has been announced by the government.

We will also be provided aid in which the government can offer financial support to the poor, in addition to others whose job is being impacted. This emergency will proceed until 6 May and after that decision will be taken in the light of the situation.

During this situation, the governor of the provinces would have the authority to give directives for citizens to remain in their homes and to be advised to shut all markets. However, public transport, food and medicine shops will remain open during this period. But people are going to be told to live in the maximum house.

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