New Delhi:

The US has priced oil in negative for the first time in history, making oil producers pay the buyers to take the commodity off their hands. The price fell as low as minus 40.32 dollars.

Donald Trump tweeted that he will ‘temporarily suspend’ immigration into the US because of the attack from the invisible enemy, COVID-19, as well as the need to protect the jobs of American citizens.

The center has allowed the surplus rice available with the Food Corporation of India to be converted to eternal for making hand sanitizers and it will also be added to petrol to reduce emissions.

Kerala decided not to allow plying off buses in cities, the opening of restaurants and pillion riding on two-wheelers after the center criticized Kerala’s previous decision to partially lift lockdown restrictions at the ‘dilution’ of the center’s instructions.

Vijay Mallya lost his High Court appeal in London against the 2018 decision to extradite him to India to face fraud charges resulting from the collapse of his defunct company ‘Kingfisher Airlines’. The case will now go to UK home secretary Preeti Patel for a final call.

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