New Zealand:

The coronavirus effect is being seen in New Zealand once more. This is the second time Corona cases come up. In view of this, they delayed the general election for four weeks. New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern confirmed this.

New Zealand will now be able to hold general elections only after 17 October. Prime Minister Arden, however, further ruled out the possibility to extend the election date. After the country re-infection of coronavirus, it was agreed to delay the election date.

Arden said in a news conference, the parties will have a reasonable chance to organize themselves by 17 October. In New Zealand, September 19 was the date for the general election.

After the Corona case surfaced in Auckland, the Prime Minister had no option but to postpone the election date. There were no corona reports in New Zealand for 102 days since.

Even the Prime Minister had announced to be free from Corona, but the phase of the epidemic has returned here for the second time. On Sunday, New Zealand Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters said the election had been postponed.

New Zealand’s main political group has demanded that the election be postponed. Opposition parties also had to stop their electoral campaign because of the restrictions imposed by Corona.

In view of this, the parties had demanded that the elections be carried forward. Opposition parties accused the Prime Minister that she was misusing the Corona crisis to increase her support.

Prime Minister Arden has said he has asked the Governor-General to set a new election date. According to Arden, she does not want to postpone it after October. Arden said we’re all struggling with the same situation, everyone is campaigning in an environment of some kind. According to New Zealand law, elections are compulsory before 21 November.

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