In the new trailer of Mangal Mission starting from Akshay Kumar, Vidya Balan, Taapsee Pannu, Sonakshi Sinha, Nithya Menen, Kirti Kulhani, H.G.Dattatreya, and Sharman Joshi. Mission Mangal releases on August 15.
At the trailer launch of the film, Akshay Kumar said, “Mission Mangal is a film on science. I’m very proud that we produced the first Indian Space Science achievement film. Please take your children to watch the film. It is a very inspiring film. We have shown home science theories like the hot oil while frying puris or the slingshot theory, it is all true. This mission was possible because of the home science theories.”
Taapsee Pannu Had earlier shared, “When it (MOM) actually happened, I remember one line that ‘India sent its satellite to Mars in one-third of the budget of the film Gravity. That stuck with me
The new trailer of Mission Mangal is out and it tells us more about the obstacles that the ISRO team had to face in trying to make the Mars Mission a success story. From being an impossible dream, the road to Mars became a reality when a group of determined Indian scientists came together.
In the trailer, we see that Vidya Balan’s character is the one who is determined to pool in all the resources available with ISRO so the Mars Mission can be launched successfully. We also see the characters of Sharman Joshi, Sonakshi Sinha, and Taapsee Pannu in the trailer as they are the juniors allotted to Vidya Balan and Akshay Kumar’s team.

Writer: Manvi Nautiyal

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