A 12-year-old New Jersey boy on his way home from school was killed after he was hit by a van. Police say the driver reportedly escaped the scene after hitting Jeremy Maraj, who walked across the road around 7:40 pm on July 17. The seventh-grader played from his Union Township home in a park across the road.

The boy died two days later. “The owner of the company reached out to us,” he tells PEOPLE. “The driver was unable to justify the damage to the proprietor. He couldn’t tell him what happened to the van.” Prosecutors say the vehicle involved has been described as a white commercial van.

They are asking anyone with information to contact local police or county task force, investigators.

He was rushed to University Hospital in Newark, where prosecutors said he was pronounced dead late Friday morning. The van was later found by authorities in Union along with the driver, Union Police said.

The tragic crash is now being investigated as a vehicular homicide by the Union County Homicide Task Force and Union Police Department.

Writer: Ritika Rana

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