The procedure for the establishment of a new government in Singapore was completed during the Corona epidemic. Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong revealed his cabinet on Saturday.

Several men of Indian descent have even found a spot in his cabinet. The special thing is that Singapore belongs to a handful of countries that have held polls in the world since the outbreak. This time also, Lee’s party People’s Action Party has registered a big victory.

General elections were conducted in Singapore on 10 July following the Corona outbreak. Lee’s PAP party secured a simple majority in the general election. In this general election, the governing People’s Action Party in Singapore received 61.24% votes.

Let us remind you that after 1965, PAP secured the general election for the first time. After this, she was not defeated in any general election. She was seated in power. The PAP won 83 of the 93 parliamentary seats in the 2020 general election. PAP garnered 61.24% votes.

Singapore is among just a couple of countries that have held polls despite the epidemic. 37 ministers have been included in the new cabinet of the government. They were also included in the old cabinet.

Lee said a new cabinet had been formed. The current cabinet takes full care of the balance. It is a squad that confronts huge problems in public safety and economic recession. Tharaman Shanmugaratnam senior minister of Indian heritage and cooperation minister for social affairs has been granted the responsibility.

He will also work for the Prime Minister’s Office. K. K. of Indian origin. Shanmugam will remain as Minister of Law and Home Affairs, Dr. Vivian Balakrishnan will also continue as Foreign Minister.

Dr. Zenil Puthucherry will be appointed as Senior Minister of State in the Ministry of Health. He will continue to work in the Ministry of Communications and Information. Heng Swee Kate continues as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance.

However, he has also been nominated as the Coordinating Minister for Economic Policies in the new cabinet. Another Indian-origin politician S. Iswaran retained his post as Minister of Communications and Information.

Indrani Rajah has been given the new responsibility of national development, her ministry has been changed. He was the Minister of Education in the previous government. He will remain in the Prime Minister’s Office as Minister and Finance Minister as Second Minister.

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