The governing Communist Party-backed a six-member team of its powerful Central Secretariat to resolve the continuing tussle between Nepal’s Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli and Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda, former prime minister.

This task force is formed by Prime Minister Oli and Prachanda. At the same time, Oli can make changes in his cabinet soon. The two leaders formed this task force on Friday. It will be led by party secretary-general Bishnu Paudel. The team comprises members of the Shankar Pokharel, Janardan Sharma, Bhim Rawal, Surendra Pandey, and Pampha Bhusal standing committee.

Workforce Prachanda and senior member Madhav Kumar will recommend ways to overcome the impasse generated in the party following Nepal ‘s demand for the resignation of Prime Minister Oli.

Ganesh Shah, senior party leader, and standing committee member said the task force would attempt to ease the deadlock between angry parties headed by Prime Minister Oli and Prachanda. We hope the ongoing inter-party dispute with workforce formation will be resolved in an amicable manner.

The decision to form this workforce was made following a meeting on Friday between Prachanda and Oli. Oli had initially said in a TV channel interview on Wednesday that the deadlock within the party would be resolved within five days.

There are about a dozen meetings between Oli and Prachanda to overcome the deadlock. But Ollie had declined to recognize one-person position conditions, which resulted in the two unsuccessful negotiations.

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