NASA achieved great success after a long effort. The first spaceship of The space agency NASA is poised to land on the Asteroid Benue OSIRIS-REx spaceship. This spacecraft will bring a piece of Benue to the earth.

After that, studying the piece will help you to get details about this asteroid. The first attempt to obtain samples will be made on October 20, under this plan. Let us know that American and Canadian scientists are working on this NASA mission, too.

For a long time, the spacecraft OSRIS had been orbiting Asteroid Benue. Explain that this spacecraft was primarily sent to fetch samples from the asteroid. The orbit arrived in Bennu’s orbit in December 2018 but had to wait a long time of about two years for it to hit the surface.

NASA said the first attempt to take samples from the surface of The Origins, Spectral Interpretation, Asset Detection, Security-Regolith Explorer spacecraft would be made on October 20.

NASA Associate Administrator of Science Thomas Zurbuchen said that the OSIRIS-REX spacecraft has faced a lot of challenges during its journey so far. He told that this spacecraft has faced many problems and challenges while reaching the nearest orbit of Asteroid Benue and exploring its active surface.

Last month, scientists associated with it attempted to bring the spacecraft 213 feet above the surface of the asteroid during a sample collection rehearsal. When the spacecraft is ready to sample from the surface of Benue, this team is currently facing the Coronavirus crisis on Earth.

Keeping this in mind, it has been decided to provide additional time for the final rehearsal and sample collection program to scientists associated with the mission at the NASA Center. Scientists will bring a piece of Benue to Earth for research under the OSIRIS-REX spacecraft.

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