New Delhi:

Muttiah Muralitharan retired from test cricket matches in 2010, registering his 100th and final wicket from his final ball in his last test match. He turns 48 today. He holds the world record for taking most wickets in both test matches and ODI’s.

Daffy featured in 130 shots in golden age making him the 3rd most frequent character in ‘Looly Toons Show’. His first appearance was showed in ‘Porky’s Duck Hunt’ resembling a normal black duck.

Ford Mustang was such a big hit over two years amongst the customers that the car earned 1.1 billion dollars profit. The base Variant was priced at just RS 11,272 then, with buyers spending an additional off RS 4000 on its features.

Over the years, the series Game of Thrones (GOT) won 290 awards out of 786 nominees and 58 prime Time Amy awards. The most bio-drama series including outstanding drama is an adaptation of George R. and R. Martin’s series ‘A Song of Ice And Fire’.

Writer: Sakshi Gupta

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