Muhyiddin Yassin, 73, is to be sworn in as Malaysia’s eighth prime minister on Sunday. Saturday afternoon, the palace spokesperson announced. Yassin will replace 94-year-old Mahathir Mohamad, who resigned last week.

Yasin, who was the home minister in the Mahathir government, does not have a good relationship. He had proclaimed himself the party chief two days earlier in place of Mahathir. His claim to the post of Prime Minister was strengthened after this.

Malaysia’s political crisis or chaos started last week. Mahathir resigned simultaneously as Prime Minister and Bersatu Party President. He spent several days criticizing the party. Raja accepted the resignation.

Mahathir suddenly changed his mind on Friday night. He claimed, according to the news agency, that he has the predominance both in Parliament and in the party, and that he will continue to be the leader of both.

However, Rajmahal dismissed his argument and Yassin was proclaimed Prime Minister after consulting with MPs. Before this, Yassin had declared himself the party president. The member of the faction may normally become the prime minister.

Rajmahal spokesperson said- Raja has decided to make Muhyiddin Yassin the Prime Minister. We are hoping to achieve a majority in Parliament. The swearing-in ceremony has been held at the Rajmahal on Sunday. Raja believes that political stability is necessary for development in the country.

Once Mahathir thought he could not become chairman of the party and prime minister again, he made a political bet. Announced support for his fierce opponent and leader of the opposition People’s Justice Party, Anwar Ibrahim. However, Rajmahal also rejected it. The special thing about it is that in 2008 Yassin was the Deputy Prime Minister of the Najib Razzaq administration.

23990cookie-checkMuhyiddin Yassin had proclaimed himself the chairman of the party and post of be the PM