Nepal: Its expanding countries are also upset by China’s expansionary policies. In Nepal, he is involved in unlawful land capture. There is widespread opposition to the increasing Chinese intervention and its expansionist policy in Nepal.

On Monday, in several districts, a large number of marched in the streets and burned Chinese President Xi Jinping’s effigies. The protesters raised ‘ Go back to China ‘ striking and requested that 36 hectares of land be returned to Nepal.

There is a lot of anger against China for capturing Nepal’s land. Anti-China protests have started in Nepal following the recent survey department report. This report says that China has illegally occupied more than 36 hectares of Nepal land in the border areas.

According to the ministry’s data, Nepal will lose hundreds of its hectares of land to China.

Anti-China protests took place in Nepal’s Saptari, Bardiya and Kapilavastu districts on Monday. During this time people had anti-China posters and banners in their hands. We posted striking against China.

According to the report, about 6 hectares of land near the Bhagdare river in Hamla district is now occupied by China. In Karnali district too, Beijing has occupied four hectares of land, which China now calls part of Tibet. Similarly, 6 hectares of Nepalese land in Sanjen River and Jambhu Khola have also been shown in South Tibet.

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