Former India captain and stylist hockey player Dhanraj Pillay has said that the local cricket hockey player is worried that local hockey is dead. When he came here for the Bangalore Cup hockey tournament, he was saddened to see the empty stadium and expressed this feeling.

I have played here as well in other parts of the country. Dhanraj … Dhanraj these announcements still ring in my ears. In light, I played hockey here. The atmosphere at that time was very exciting. “Local hockey is not given as much importance as it should. The Lal Bahadur Shastri Hockey Tournament in Chandigarh, Byton Cup in Kolkata and Murugappa Hockey in Chennai have been canceled.
Dhanraj represented India at the Olympics four times. For almost two decades he played hockey with Air India. While playing in the Super Division League, his big fan used to watch hockey. “

Dhanraj says Local hockey in India has died. There is no hockey league in India since 7. Hockey India should do something to promote local hockey. Only then will the importance of the game remain. The camp for the national level players then the tour and the camp again makes no sense. A definite plan, a plan must exist. The designated players in Indian hockey should play in local hockey. On that occasion, people will come to watch hockey. “

Dhanraj also pointed out that the National Selection Committee members are absent for these local tournaments. In the past, all the national competitions were attended by the selection committee members and so was the rule. But now it is no use to select players from a national championship. The selection committee members should be able to get quality players from local tournaments all over the country. India will get a large number of players from it. There is also the issue of player injuries. For this, Dhanraj feels that hockey facilities should be improved.

Writer: Himani Ranade

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