China undertook large-scale COVID-19 experiments in Beijing. During this time hundreds of people can check the wholesale market in Beijing, where the outbreak has spread to men. The country has reported 67 new cases of the corona.

Of these, 42 cases are from Rajdhani. To prevent the spread of the virus, the Beijing authorities conducted a nucleic acid test on 29,386 people who have visited the wholesale market since May 30.

Beijing Health Commission gave its information on Monday. After many new corona cases were reported the market became the focus of the transition. Out of all the samples, 12,973 reports have come negative and the remaining results are yet to come.

According to the news agency, the Chinese Health Commission said in its daily report on Monday that 49 new confirmed corona cases and 18 asymptomatic cases were reported on Sunday. 112 people without symptoms are in quarantine.

Asymptomatic cases are people of which the signs of the infection are not apparent but when tested, they are shown to be affected. They carry the risk of having the disease spread to others.

The Beijing Municipal Health Commission said on Monday that there were 36 new and six new untreated cases in the city. The commission said that from January to Sunday, Beijing has seen 499 domestic cases.

Of these, 411 have been discharged and 9 people have died. 79 patients are under treatment and seven non-symptomatic patients are under medical supervision. Until now 174 cases have been registered in the capital from abroad.

One is admitted to the hospital. According to NHC, so far 83,181 cases have been reported in China till Sunday. For such cases, 177 are active. 78,370 people have recovered and 4,634 people have died.

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