Photographs of Chandrayaan-2 lander Vikram will be released next week by NASA. Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter took these pictures while passing through the moon on Tuesday. NASA is currently studying these photos. Some evidence related to Lander Vikram is found in the photographs.

But until this is confirmed by NASA, it’s hard to say anything, but whatever happens next week, NASA will provide the data. NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter flew into the area this week. However, due to the lack of sunlight, it could not take clear pictures of the lander. Scientists say that Vikram may be hiding in the long shadow the light was nice, it was possible to see clear photos.

But some things like that have been seen, they’re being researched. Actually Vikram was designed to operate for 14 Earth days. One day of the earth is equal to 14 days on the Moon, apart from that there is also a considerable difference in temperature.

The temperature of the place where the lender had to land goes well below zero. Due to this scientist said that if the location of the lander is detected before it starts 14 days. Then it would be better if these 14 days Started and if these devices are hit by the temperature there, then there will be a problem.

Now, Since the landing of the lander is not done properly, due to this, more negative possibilities are coming out. There is also a considerable difference in temperature.

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