Mumbai: NDTV India’s Managing Editor Ravi Kumar has been honored once more in the journalism world. Ravish Kumar of NDTV got this honor for his contribution in Hindi TV journalism. ‘Ramon Magsaysay’ is also known as Asia’s Nobel Prize.
Five people, including Ravish, are being honored this year. The ‘Ramon Magsaysay’ award will be presented on September 9 in the Philippines’ capital, Manila.

Let the Ramon Magsaysay Award be given to individuals and organizations of Asia, especially for their outstanding work in their field. This award is given in memory of former Philippine President Ramon Magsaysay.
Ravish Kumar has come a long way.
They started from the very bottom and have reached here. Ravi Kumar has been associated with NDTV since 1996. In the early days, NDTV used to sort out the letters. After this, he turned towards reporting and his aware eyes recognized the irony of the country and the society as accurately. His program ‘Raviish’s Report’ became very popular and became the program of the common people of India.
44-year-old Ravish Kumar from ‘NDTV India’ channel operates the show ‘Prime Time’. Through this program, Ravish was selected by the Ramon Magsaysay Award Foundation for using journalism to “raise the voice of the masses who were pressed.”
The award organization tweeted that Ravish Kumar has been given this honor “to become the voice of irresponsibility.” Ramon Magsaysay Award Foundation said in this regard, “Ravish Kumar’s program ‘Prime Time’ raises the real, untold problems of ordinary people.” As well as the citation said, ‘If you have become a voice of the people, then you are a journalist.’ Ravish Kumar is the sixth journalist to receive this award.
Award from the Ramon Magsaysay Foundation
‘Commitment to high quality professionals, ethical journalism; The moral courage to stand up for truth, integrity and independence; The Magsaysay Award has been honored for giving complete and dignified voice to the voiceless citizens, courageously before the power, but speaking with ease, to accomplish the noble task of advancing democracy through journalism.

‘As a news anchor, Ravish Kumar does not dominate his program participants. On the contrary, it gives everyone an opportunity to express their views. Voters have tried to harass and intimidate Ravish, as he does not hesitate to hold the top officials accountable or criticize the media, ” Magsaysay quoted as saying.
Quiet and great information storage
Ravish Kumar is one of the most influential journalists in India who is calm, a good source of information and. He is one of the most important individuals who have benefited from India in the last few years for the creation of independent and responsible media, the Ramon Magsaysay Foundation has said.
Ravish Kumar has a career in journalism for more than thirteen years. He has been honored with awards such as Ramnath Goenka Excellence Award, Kuldeep Nair Journalism Award. Ravish Kumar has written the book ‘Ishq Mein city hoon’, ‘The Free Voice: On Democracy, Culture, and the Nation’.
Magsaysay’s other awardees
Myanmar journalist Ko Swei Win, Thai human rights activist Angkhana Nilapaijit, South Korean activist Kim Jong-ki, and Filipino composer Raymundo Pujantay Kayyab were also honored with the Ramon Magsaysay Award.

Writer: Himani Ranade

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