US Elections 2020, Joe Biden formally nominated the President on behalf of the Democratic Party. Joe Biden gives President Donald Trump a difficult challenge. America is plagued by the coronavirus, economic crisis, and civil strife in the backdrop. Biden’s in the field to challenge Trump in such a situation.

The former US Vice President has effectively been the leader of his party since his last challenger in the Democratic primary, Bernie Sanders, ended his campaign in April. But Biden made his nomination with the support of 1,991 delegates after Tuesday’s primary election for the presidency of seven states and the District of Columbia.

Three days after the primary elections, Biden won because many states took several days to get results due to the huge increase in mail ballots in the elections. Teams of analysts from the Associated Press parse the votes in individual congressional districts.

Democrats award the majority of delegates based on results in individual congressional districts to the party’s national convention. Biden now has 1,993 delegates, with contests still to be held in eight states and three US territories.

Biden’s nomination was completed with mild pomp, as the country currently faces crises. This week, Joe Biden looked quite correct out. The coronavirus epidemic has largely limited him to his Wilmington, Delaware, home over the past three months.

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