New Delhi: The government introduced an ordinance that makes attacking medical workers a recognizable and non-bailable offense with up to 7 years of jail and a maximum of five lakh rupees fine.

The government will conduct a telephone survey to gather feedback from citizens on coronavirus. Citizens will receive a phone call from 1921 on their phones.

Donald Trump signed an order to temporarily block some foreigners from permanent residence in the US saying he was doing so in order to protect American workers during the coronavirus pandemic. The order they last for 60 days and then will be reviewed and possibly extended.

OYO hotel and homes have asked all its employees to take a 25% pay cut between April and July. It also told some staff members to take leave with limited benefits or go on furlough for a period of four months.

The WHO warned against complacency in the fight against COVID-19 saying that the disease will be with us for a long time. It said that lifting lockdowns could cause infection to ‘reignite’.

Writer: Sakshi Gupta

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