Israeli: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu talked to him about forming a coalition government with Benny Gantz, his primary rival. Netanyahu did this to prevent the likelihood of a third election wherein the second vote no one obviously received a majority.

Nearly 95 percent of the country’s second election count in five months until Thursday, when Ganj’s Blue & White Party had 33 seats in Israel’s 120-seat legislature. Netanyahu’s Likud Party has got 32 seats.

Netanyahu said, “I called for a right-wing government to be formed in the election, but unfortunately the election results demonstrate that this is not feasible.” He said the Israelis did not offer any faction a definite majority.

The Jerusalem Post quoted Netanyahu as saying, “There is no other alternative and only an extensive coalition government can be established.” Netanyahu asked Ganj, 60, to meet to start the process as quickly as possible.

He said, “Beni Ganj, I see you. Today, it is our duty to create an extensive coalition government. The nation expects us to function together with both of us, see you today. Can be discovered at any moment, so that this method can begin, which this time is anticipated of us.

The first election was held in April in which Netanyahu, 69, announced the second election after he was unable to create a government coalition.

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