Iran made its first arrest in the case of facing daily demonstrations after the accidental shooting down of a Ukrainian plane. This was confirmed Tuesday by Iran.

Shortly after takeoff on Wednesday, the Ukraine International Airlines plane was accidentally shot down by a missile. All 176 passengers and crew members aboard the plane were killed.

In reality, on Saturday, brigadier general Amirli Hajizadeh, Revolutionary Guards Aerospace Commander, confirmed that a missile operator mistakenly destroyed the plane as a cruise missile.

During a press conference, the court spokesman said some people were trapped in the bump of a plane in Ukraine. It wasn’t said however how many people were arrested.

Let me remind you that the US says the Boeing 737 was destroyed by an Iranian missile before Tehran refuted it. Iran, though, had confessed to killing Ukraine’s plane by accident only a few days ago. Iran has said this was due to human error.

President Hassan Rouhani said punishment should be imposed on every person responsible for the incident. Rouhani said it is extremely important for our people that anyone responsible for this negligence should face the law of justice.

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