Iran released one of its military satellites following a worldwide coronavirus outbreak and growing conflict with the United States. Iran’s Revolutionary Guard said Wednesday it had been launching a military satellite.

The Revolutionary Guard said the military satellite was successfully tested on Wednesday, following many losses. Although Iran had kept a sneak peek at it after the satellite launch, later it has confirmed the launch. The Iranian Army has named this satellite ‘Noor’, ie Roshni.

A Revolutionary Guard official said the satellite was successfully attaining an orbit 425 kilometers (264 mi) above the surface of the earth. The guard did not elaborate on this but said that the two-stage satellite launch took off from Iran’s Central Desert.

The relationship between the two countries was severely curtailed following the assassination of Iran General Kasem Soleimani by the US military. But it will have a negative impact on the connection between the two countries after this introduction.

On Sunday, the guards admitted that there had been tense encounters with American warships in the Persian Gulf last week. Iran alleged without evidence that the incident had been provoked by US forces.

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