Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Jawad Zarif once again reprimanded the US for refusing to lift the ban on the country amid a deadly coronavirus epidemic. In a Sunday tweet, the minister said the US plans to wage an economic war against the Iranians.

He wrote in the tweet-America went from fighting an economic war against Iranians to ‘medical terror’ during the Iranian epidemic. Will this even be appropriate on the ‘battlefield?’ Zarif has urged the international community to ignore US ‘illegal’ approval pressures.

Iran’s Ministry of Health spokesman Kinyush Jahanpur on Sunday reported 123 deaths due to the coronavirus. Now the overall Kovid-19 death toll in Iran has risen to 2,640. The spokeswoman said the number of reported cases had reached 38,309 so far, 12,391 of which were discharged after recovery. He also said that 2,901 new cases of infection were confirmed in 24 hours till Sunday afternoon.

Explain that there has been a long tension atmosphere between the US and Iran. The US had killed a big Iranian general in a missile attack in the past, after which weapons from both sides were used.

The US then placed some substantial sanctions on Iran. Countries that do business with Iran, like India, were also warned. Iran is now urging the US to be given sanctions in the wake of the growing outbreak of the Coronavirus so that other countries can help it.

The UN human rights chief has recently called for an urgent re-evaluation of sanctions imposed on countries like Iran, which are facing coronavirus, to avoid harm to the medical system. Human Rights Chief Michel Bachelet said in a statement that at this critical time, these restrictions should be relaxed or suspended in support of global public health causes and the rights and lives of millions of people in these countries.

Bachelet has underlined Iran, which is among the countries worst affected by the epidemic. About two thousand people have died there. He cautioned that the virus is also spreading to Afghanistan and Pakistan’s neighboring countries, placing pressure on their fragile health care system.

25020cookie-checkIran President frown the us President, saying – will this be justified on the ‘battlefield’?