Two missiles were fired from Iran to avenge the murder of the U.S. commander Qasim Suleimani, who was killed in an airstrike. Iran launched these two rockets at Iraq’s U.S. installations.

Iran claims that they murdered 80 Americans, while Donald Trump tweeted that no military base was destroyed or assassinated. Now everyone is curious about the names of Fatah-110 and Manyam-1 being the missiles that Iran has left on Iraq’s US bases. At a speed of 500 km/hour, Fatah-100, 300 km and Manyam-100 can go.

Iran attacked US military bases in Iraq

Both of these missiles were of former Iranian design, according to Iranian sources (Sputnik website). These were ballistic missiles of short-range surface-to-surface. Their advantage is that they can be fired from any venue, although the latter has been specifically designed in the Middle East to goal American objectives.

The Fateh-110 was described as 100% domestically by Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami when it was launched. His training has also been listed along with this.

All missiles were fired in Iran from the provinces of Tabrez and Kermanshah. Speaker of the U.S. Department of Defense Jonathan Hoffman said it was clear that Iran had launched these missiles. He said at least two Iraqi military bases were first targeted at Assad and Erbil by the attacks.

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