New Delhi:

Indore is one of the top affected cities in the country and the authorities are doing everything in their power to curb the spread of this deadly disease. The police, however, have found a unique method to punish the lockdown violators, they group them together and make them sweat it out in the streets.

The violators have to do a round of jumping jacks and frog jumps. A website is offering $1,000 to five winners for a Harry Potter movie marathon. The participants must live to stream their experience of watching all 10 films of the Potter-verse.

They will also be needed to share their ranking of the films to win the Moolah and the bag of goodies and the edibles as mentioned in the books.

A pilot in Iceland flew his aircraft in such a manner that it drew a heart shape on the flight path. His act was dedicated to medical workers fighting on the front lines against COVID-19. The slight detour added 9 minutes to his journey from China to Iceland while carrying medical supplies.

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