A powerful undersea earthquake made a person die and several were injured in Indonesia in java island and more tsunami warning was also made by the officials.
When the earthquake has seemed, that time the residents of Jakarta ran into the streets as the magnitude of the earthquake was 6.9.
Indonesia national disaster agency announced the quake could be 10 feet and turned into tsunami. On Saturday, 48-year-old women died due to a heart attack on the island. Many people get Injured and 1000 were sheltered in neighbor Sumatra island. Around 100 buildings and 34 houses get destroyed in the tsunami, as the agency report. The same area was also hit by the volcano eruption where 400 people died in the December month.
Indonesia usually experiences frequent seismic, volcanic activities on the pacific ring of fire where the tectonic plates collide together. Last year 7.5 magnitude quake-tsunami in Palu, Sulawesi island died around 2200 and 1000 were missing. On December 26, 2004, the tsunami killed 220000 in the Indian Ocean region and around 170000 in Indonesia.

Writer: Ritika Rana