Today SAARC Leaders joined the video conference arranged by PM Modi on combating COVID-19 on 15th March 2020.  PM Modi led and initiated the meeting by addressing the COVID -19 emergency support and actions.


“We began vetting people entering India from mid-January onwards, while slowly the travel prohibitions. We increased the management of isolation wards and reached out to social and vulnerable people across India. We evacuated 1400 Indians from different countries and provided helps to our neighboring countries”, Modi said. Modi recommended the development of a Covid-19 emergency fund of $ 10Mn to the SAARC members that could be focused on voluntary donations from all SAARC countries. Any of us can use this fund to mid the cost of immediate actions. The foreign secretary will quickly respond to them and coordinate the utilization of this fund. Rapid response team of doctors and specialists will be arranged in India along with testing kids and available for other countries if required. We will quickly arrange a training capsule for the emergency response team. “We should set up a portal integrated disease surveillance portal to find the possible cases and contact them”, Speaking about India’s readiness for the epidemic, Modi said


PM of Afghanistan Dr. Mohammad Ashraf Ghani proposed some of the actions. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani presented a growing telemedicine infrastructure for battling coronavirus. Ghani welcomed PM Modi’s suggested steps and called on the regions to keep an eye on the emerging coronavirus situation.


Maldives PM Ibrahim Mohamed Solih shared his area experience for combating the COVID-19 crisis. He mentioned 13 confirmed cases and no death so far. He also mentioned the medical treatment and emergency precautions taken for COVID-19. Earlier this week, India sent medical assistance to the Maldives

24500cookie-checkIndia’s Mantra in SAARC meeting, ‘Prepare but do not panic’ is our guiding Mantra