New Delhi:

Because of the lockout triggered by the corona outbreak in several countries across the world, people from other countries are trapped elsewhere. In such a scenario the Indian Embassy in America has started approaching the Indians who have stated their wish to return from America on the initiative of the Government of India.

This move came a few days after the signal was issued by the Indian government. The Indian government had confirmed that it would agree to return the stranded Indian people abroad, after evaluating the situation.

The government had said on April 10 that after reviewing the situation of coronavirus, a decision would be taken to bring the stranded Indians abroad.

According to Dammu Ravi, an additional secretary of the Ministry of External Relations, several concerns have been asked about Indians outside. This is a case where we are unable to get a clear response as the lockout is already underway.

We have had to assess the condition. The government will decide that how do we make arrangements to bring back Indians from other countries.

The Gulf area countries are expected to launch the first step of taking back Indians. This would be proposed after this, to bring displaced Indians into Britain, other areas of Europe, and America.

There is currently no official estimate of the number of Indians trapped in the US due to the Corona epidemic. In the same period, these citizens are unable to return because of travel limitations both in India and in the US. Many of these include Indian students and people who have gone on short journeys.

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