New Delhi:

A lockdown is taking effect in the country because of the Coronavirus. Numerous Indians are trapped in other countries at this period. The first aircraft of Air India Express (AIE) has reached Abu Dhabi from Kochi.

Indian Ambassador Pawan Kapoor spoke to the passengers going to Kochi at the airport during this time. He told us that the trapped Indian citizens are being sent home today.
The plane departed Thursday at 12.30 pm from Kochi International Airport to take the stranded Indian citizens to the United Arab Emirates.

Official sources confirmed that the first aircraft to bring Indian citizens from Abu Dhabi has departed from Kochi International Airport. The plane reached Abu Dhabi Airport at 3 pm. The plane will reach Cochin Airport with 177 adults and four newborn children at 9.40 pm.

At the same time, another Air India Express flight left Kozhikode Airport at 1.20 pm. The plane will leave from Dubai Airport carrying 177 adults and five newborns at 5 pm and will reach Kozhikode Airport by 10:30 pm on Thursday.

According to official sources, 2,000 people will arrive in the state in 13 planes within five days. There is a framework from the airport thermal test to their quarantine at this period. Also, two Navy ships have left for the Maldives on Tuesday to bring the stranded civilians. From May 7 to May 13, the central government will operate 64 aircraft for stranded civilians in Gulf countries, Singapore, the USA, and the UK.

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