Indian-American Gautam Raghavan has been included in the transition team of Presidential candidate Joe Biden from the Democratic Party. This transition team is formed under the leadership of Delaware Senator Ted Kaufman.

The job of the team will be to assist Biden in officer selection after winning the election. Raghavan, who served in the White House during the tenure of former President Barack Obama, currently heads the staff of Pramila Jaipal, the only Indian female MP in the House of Representatives.

The special thing is that Raghavan is the only Indian who has been included in the transition team. Kauffman said in a statement, “The next president will not only have to deal with the corona epidemic but he will also have to deal with a poor economy inherited. Since Franklin D. Roosevelt, I don’t think anyone has faced such problems.

Gautam Raghavan was his ally during Obama’s tenure, serving as a liaison to both LGBT and Asian American and Pacific Islander communities from 2011 to 2014. He has also worked for the Democratic majority, the 2008 Obama campaign, Democratic National.

Raghavan led Indian-American Impact Project (IMPACT) through a historic election cycle, a race that included a large number of Indian-Americans at the federal and state levels. Let us know that this year’s presidential elections will be held in America. Infection of coronavirus in the US has created much damage, and at this period, concerns are still being asked about President Donald Trump ‘s policy.

The US election has only 19 weeks remaining. President Donald Trump has even started holding political campaigns because of this. Trump is thought to be the actual match against Biden.

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