New Delhi:

Things have become critical near the Galvan Valley on the Ladakh border between India and China. On Monday night, there was a violent clash between India and Chinese soldiers, in which an officer and two soldiers of India have been martyred.

Meanwhile, if the sources are to be believed, then the Chinese soldiers attacked the soldiers with spiked sticks. According to sources, when the Border Commander met, it was decided that on PP14-15-17, China would go towards the LAC, but the Chinese soldiers refused to accept it.

China was repeatedly explained to India, China was attacked during this time. Sources said that Chinese soldiers threw stones at Indian soldiers, attacked the army of India with iron tubes, nails, and sticks. The officers who were leading the case have suffered very deep injuries in this stone-pelting.

But meanwhile, China has started blaming India on the contrary. The Chinese Foreign Ministry has said an attempted infiltration was made from India, after which both country ‘s soldiers clashed. We now call on India to refuse to take unilateral action.

In the Indian Army’s official statement on this whole issue, it stated, “There were violent clashes between the Indian and China soldiers during the de-escalation phase in the Galvan Valley on Monday night.

During this time one Indian Army officer and two Indian Army soldiers were martyred. Senior military officials from both countries are holding a large meeting at this point to calm the matter.

If sources are to be believed, 10-12 Indian soldiers have been injured and so many Chinese soldiers have also been seriously injured. The official declaration, though, will be made entirely from the military.

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