Physical training and exercise have immediate manifestation on your outlook. Especially when its regular, it will have a positive impact on your physical appearance immensely. Even 30 minutes per day will go a long way in improving your livelihood physically and intellectually. It is paramount to on how to engage yourself on daily exercise. Day to day exercise is a very valuable element in a lean and intelligent body. The importance of exercise cannot be overemphasized and we need to take advantage of ourselves. We should plan the duration of exercise early in the morning over 40 to 60 minutes daily. The exercise specialist suggests a plan for all parts of the body to warm up. In simple terms, some of the advantages of exercise are:

  1. It helps in weight regulation
  2. Improve your stamina and building stronger muscle.
  3. Help your body manage blood sugar and insulin levels.
  4. Reduce the heart attack chances

Daily exercise is just as important against dangerous illness as blood-like ensure, heart attack, obesity, diabetes, constipation, and even cholesterol level. All of the above diseases are dangerous to health. The man of today wants to know about the threat of life because of the disease. Each part of the body works properly and provides a sure line to maintain muscles. When we do an exercise the calories burn in the body and turn into heat. It works as fuel in the body. When our body does not burn the calories. As a result, we get extra fat. It is the main cause of obesity. Obesity is a cause of heart disease and diabetes. If we do not exercise in a timely and regular manner, we will be many parts of the disease.

  1. Constipation is another harmful disease that causes many illnesses. We can say that she is the mother of all diseases. Obesity, heart disease, diabetes and raising the level of cholesterol are all causes of constipation. People who do not exercise daily are suffering from fatalness. Exercise is the only source to reduce the level of all life damage.
  2. Regular exercise builds your muscle, confidence and makes you look good in the eyes of girls. You are a prominent person anywhere because of a sexy attractive body. Your resistance level will be very high. You can reach the target because of a level of confidence.

Light-intensity activities that get you off the couch may be beneficial to your health, even if you do not sweat; a new study suggests that other light activities that can reduce sedentary time include leisurely biking, sitting on a balance ball, playing a musical instrument and walking. Exercise is an important activity people do not take seriously. To do exercise on daily basis is important to maintain a healthy life.


The gym makes you fit physically and mentally. I hope you have known about the importance of exercise and you join the gym immediately. Daily exercise will be a part of your life.

By: Amunigun Adekol Idris

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