Tokyo: In Central and Eastern regions of Japan, torrential storm hedge bases, along with torrential rains, have killed 25 people and are missing by Sunday. Many rivers are in spate here, and their water has entered the residential areas. News agency Effe quoted the public broadcaster NHK as saying that around 149 people were injured across the country and the death toll could also increase.

NHK has broadcast footage of submerged residential areas and rescue operations due to floods in the rivers early Sunday. Torrential rains in Nagano province, one of the areas most affected by the storm, led to flooding in the Chikuma River, submerging adjacent areas and flooding several vehicles.

It is being said that three people were rescued, but three people are still missing. According to the local news agency Kyodo, the Akiyama River floods in Sano in Tochigi province submerged the residential areas and rescue teams are evacuating local residents. News agency Xinhua quoted Kyodo News as saying that 14 people were reported missing in the meantime, according to rescuers and other administrative officials.

According to police and fire department personnel, the Oppo river has broken its coast and brought flooding in the Shimo-Osaka district in Kawagoye city. The administration said that about 260 people were stranded in a nursing home due to flooding in Saitama Perfecta, north of Tokyo, where boats are being used to rescue senior people and staff personnel.

Hurricane Hegebis killed 25 people
Hurricane Hegebis killed 25 people

Water supply has been disrupted in about 14,000 homes in eight provinces. There was no water supply in 4,540 houses at Marumori in Miyagi province until five o’clock on Sunday morning. Meanwhile, the water supply was disrupted at 4,200 homes in Tsukubamirai, Ibaraki Perfect, 1,200 homes in Kanara, Gunma Perfect, and Yamakita in Kanagawa Prefect.

Due to the devastation of the catastrophic storm, torrential rains and cyclonic winds are wreaking havoc in most parts. It is believed to be the most devastating storm in the country in the last 60 years.

Hejibis arrived here on the Izu peninsula southwest of Tokyo shortly before seven o’clock on Saturday evening. There were about 50 landslides across the country, in which many houses were reported to have been buried and deaths in rural areas. NHK said that although all services are slowly being restored, more than 800 flights were canceled on Sunday.

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