Canberra: Hundreds of people have been prosecuted for deliberately setting fire to the woods of Australia. Several children are also caught in the fire-ravaged areas of New South Wales (NSW), Queensland, Melbourne, South Australia, and Tasmania.

Fires were deliberately set at 50% of locations, according to James Ogloff, head of Forensic Behavioral Science at Swinburne University. Those who have done this want to see the spark. Melbourne University Associate Professor Janet Stanley said, “The firefighters don’t come from any particular category.” But from the looks, he doesn’t seem to have been brought up in a good environment and in his childhood, he has undergone disregard.

183 people have been arrested in New South Wales since November alone, according to local media. Of these, 24 are accused of setting fire to the forests intentionally. In Victoria, 43 people were arrested. Of the 101 people grab in Queensland, 70% are minors.

Fire smoke in Australia’s forests has entered Chile’s South American country. Meteorologist Edita Amador said it was easy to see the haze in central Chile on Monday. Fog is only visible on the horizon, while the atmosphere remains clear on normal days. It is likely to move in the coming days to Argentina.

22620cookie-checkHundreds of people were arrested for firing in the jungles of Australia