Hong Kong:

Carrie Lam, Chief Executive of Hong Kong, has criticized the US government over ongoing violent racist unrest in the US. He accused the US of behaving with double standards. Carrie Lam said the Trump Administration adopts two standards regarding anti-democratic demonstrations in Asian countries and anti-racial protests in the US.

Lam’s remarks come at a time when the US government has been opposing China and the Hong Kong government over anti-democratic protests in Hong Kong. The United States has been supportive of Hong Kong’s anti-democratic protests over democratic values.

Lam said during his weekly press conference that we now see how local officials are handling the racial rebellion in the US, as he advocated democratic values ​​over the riots in Hong Kong last year. He said that he is really serious about his security, without mentioning America, but he has a specific opinion of our national security.

To our question, he uses other frames. Let us tell you that President Donald Trump has indicated the use of the army to deal with the protesters amidst the ongoing violence in America. He said that he is implementing 1807 law for the deployment of the army across the country for an early solution to this problem.

Last week US President Donald Trump ordered the initiation of a process to finalize Hong Kong ‘s preferred terms of trade. Lam opposed this proposal. Lam claimed that it would be harmful to all of us.

Trump’s decision came after the Chinese legislature approved a controversial national security law for Hong Kong. China’s new law allows Chinese security forces to operate independently in Hong Kong and carry out enforcement techniques. That law impedes semi-autonomous Hong Kong ‘s independence.

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