Afghanistan :

Afghanistan has expressed grave concern over the migration of Afghan Sikhs and Hindus and has described them as a close friend and dear to Afghanistan. Sadiq Siddiqui, the spokesperson for Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, said in a special conversation with the news agency that every Afghan is a victim today.

He described Hindus and Sikhs as leaving the country as a soul mate and hoped they would return one day. Sadiq Siddiqui, a spokesman for President Ashraf Ghani, said India and Afghanistan would not be trapped in the network of Pakistan. He said that it is Pakistan ‘s job to separate people according to their culture and religion.

Afghanistan sponsored a UN Security Council study saying that the main faces of the region’s largest terrorist groups are now found in Pakistan. Talking to the news agency he said Pakistan has become a refuge for terrorist groups like this.

When questioned if he sees the migration of minority Sikhs and Hindus, Sadiq Siddiqui said I’m not going to label him a minority, he’s a soul mate to us. To Afghanistan, there’s a deep respect for Sikhs and Hindus.

We ‘re doing everything we can to keep them secure and sound in Afghanistan. If every truth is asked, we are all saddened by this development. Expressing sorrow over this exodus, he said it was very sad that our brothers and sisters had to leave their own country.

It is not easy, many Afghans have had to leave the country due to war. Sadiq Siddiqui said, “If telling the truth, these terrorists are not only against Hindus and Sikhs, but they are against all Afghans, these Sikh-Hindus who left the country are Afghans first and then belong to any religion.

Discussing the current situation in Afghanistan, he said that war has been imposed on us and these terrorists want to destroy everything, not only Hindus and Sikhs but every Afghan, their enmity is with every Afghan. “

Sadiq Siddiqui, the spokesman for President Ashraf Ghani, has stated that Afghanistan is an independent nation, it is not North Korea, if citizens choose to leave, they can leave Afghanistan. But watching them go does hurt. We hope he’ll come back one day because this is his country.

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