French Prime Edouard Philippe has resigned from the office. The news has been confirmed by the Elle Elysee Palace, the residence of the French President. A government reshuffle is expected following the resignation of Edouard Philippe.

Until a new cabinet name is revealed, Philippe will continue to handle government affairs. For the past few days, there was speculation that French President Emmanuel Macron might reshuffle the cabinet.

This reshuffle was about to increase President Emmanuel Macron’s credibility and win the hearts of disenchanted voters again. PM Edouard Philippe was heavily criticized during the Corona crisis. However, speculation about PM Edouard Philippe’s future had intensified since mid-June when President Emanuel Macron announced that he wanted to make some improvements during his presidential term.

In France, only the Prime Minister is chosen by the President. After this, his government is formed by the Prime Minister. Earlier, New Zealand Health Minister David Clarke resigned on charges of being negligent during the Corona crisis. Cases of the corona were registered in a Quarantine Center in New Zealand a few days ago. There was a gap in the Quarantine Centre ‘s protection.

David Clarke resigned after criticizing the government’s response to Corona and violations of lockdown rules. After the lockout, he went to the beach with his family. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced David Clarke ‘s resignation Thursday.

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