New Delhi:

The eyes of every nation remain on the topic of the continuing conflict between India and China. French Defense Minister Florence Parle wrote a letter to Defense Minister Rajnath Singh on Monday about this tension. France paid tribute to the 20 soldiers killed in the skirmish in the Galvan Valley and talked about being with India in this difficult time.

French Defense Minister Florence wrote that the death of 20 soldiers is a major blow not just to his family but to the nation as a whole. We are giving our support during this difficult time on behalf of the French army.

Apart from this, he said to meet Defense Minister Rajnath Singh in India soon, in which existing discussions can be carried forward. Let us inform you that in the current conflict with China, France has come as a major ally of India.

Because the delivery of the Rafale fighter aircraft due to the Corona crisis was braced, now France has asked them to deliver them as soon as possible. Not only this, four Rafale aircraft were to be delivered to India in the first installment, but given the current situation, now in the first installment, 6 Rafale aircraft will be delivered to India, which will reach India by the end of July.

Last year, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh received them in France, after which pilots from the Indian Air Force took training to command these planes. Now by July 22, India will get 6 fighter aircraft, which will be equipped with modern technology.

These aircraft will be deployed near the Ambala airbase so that they can be used immediately if needed on the northern front. Throughout the current period, it may be very helpful for India to have Rafale, depending on the situation with China at the Ladakh frontier.

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