Government-backed forces in Syria have reached a zenith with Turkish forces. Turkish forces conducted intense ground and airstrikes in Syria against government-backed forces that killed 48 Syrian soldiers in the past 24 hours.

News agency gave this detail, citing the Syrian Observatory. There, Syrian and Russian warplanes have carried out attacks on the eastern city of Idlib, which recently became the site of intense fighting between Turkish-backed rebels and Damascus.

The news agency the Turkish Ministry of Defense as saying that a Turkish soldier was killed in the firing by the Syrian government. It is known that Syria had launched a fierce attack on Turkish forces earlier this week in which 33 Turkish soldiers were killed.

Now, this is the new incident of another Turkish soldier killed. It is reported that Syrian forces have been battling for about a week in Idlib province, which has been deemed an opposition stronghold.

The news agency a Turkish official as saying that Turkey has attacked and destroyed a chemical weapons center in northwest Syria. This response has come to light after several Turkish troops shot by the Syrian government in the airstrikes, according to the source.

On condition of anonymity, the official said the Turkish army was attacking a chemical weapons facility as well as other Syrian government objectives 13 km night from Aleppo.

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