US National Security Advisor (NSA) Robert O’Brien said on the current situation in his country that enemies are looking to take advantage of it. They are seeking to destroy or help the free world and the United States.

On May 25, massive protests and violence took place across the United States for several days in protest against the death of black man George Floyd in police custody. The phase of protests is still not stopped.

During these protests, O’Brien spoke to his advisers over the phone last week. He said, ‘Our enemies are trying to take advantage of the current situation, without naming any country.’ US media company Politico posted these personal comments by O’Brien on Thursday.

He has said in this with complete confidence that enemies of America will fail in their efforts. The NSA also said that Floyd’s death in Minneapolis enraged every American citizen. This is a frightening event.

He said that America’s decisive action in the Middle East, global corona epidemic-Wuhan virus epidemic, nationwide lockdown in the country, ending of Hong Kong autonomy by China, large scale racist demonstrations in the country have kept the eyes of enemies on the US. He said enemies could profit from this situation.

However, Bryan expressed confidence that America’s rivals would fail in their deadly efforts. He said, “Our enemies would struggle in their futile endeavors owing to the tenacity of the president in pursuing peace and policies.

United States protests have continued since the May 25 death of Floyd’s police heirloom in Minneapolis. Thousands of people are pressuring the government to change law enforcement practices. White citizens also join the protests against the alleged murder of George Floyd, a black African-American citizen.

According to the news agency, a Maryland office administrator Leslie Batson was part of the demonstration that is taking place to bring justice to George and end racial violence. Thousands of people took to the streets in this demonstration and demanded justice from the government for George.

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