Dictator Kim Jong of North Korea is working on those very devious tactics. To bully first, then to prove the threat to be true, and then to accept is part of its strategy. A week earlier, after attacking the Lions office at the border at the request of Kim ‘s sister Kim Yo Jong and rising the number of troops at the border, how North and South Korea challenged Is considered part of the same policy.

Two days ago after the troops reached the border, dictator Kim Jong-un said that he would not take military action against South Korea. International isolation was always listed as a major factor for it, but now details are being filtered out and more of North Korea ‘s policy is being revealed by the analysts.

Kim Jong-un intends to set up his sister Kim Yo-jong in politics in North Korea, because of this, it is also reported that Kim has already allowed his sister to take certain drastic decisions.

The Lions Office at North and South Korea ‘s boundary was targeted during this. Kim’s sister threatened South Korea to stop campaigning against the dictator and North Korea in a balloon containing hydrogen on its border, or else they would have to bear the consequences.

After receiving such threats from North Korea, South Korea said that they are increasing the border tightening, such people will be banned, but before that at the behest of the dictator’s sister, the Lions Office was bombed. After that North Korea dispatched soldiers on the border posts, police posts.

On the other hand, after receiving such information, people in South Korea took the poster of Ind The Korean War and appealed for peace. The influx of troops towards the border caused panic in South Korea, after which a statement was made on their behalf that they would take strict action to stop such things on the border, strict action to stop the balloons from blowing and such activity.

Will be taken, On the other hand, thousands of balloons were prepared in North Korea at the behest of the sister, millions of pamphlets were printed, the message was made that all these pamphlets would be sent to South Korea via balloons in the same way.

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