New York:

Democrats have formally named Joe Biden as the 2020 presidential candidate. It was announced at a political conference on four days of the party. Former and existing Democratic representatives and legislators gave their support to Biden at this period.

For the first time at the conference, the 77-year-old Biden appears to be living on the screen. He said thank you all, it is like being like a world to me and my family. See you all on Thursday.

After nominating him as the presidential nominee, Biden has thanked people for tweeting. He tweeted that accepting the Democratic Party nomination for the President of America was the biggest achievement of my life.

He will face Republican nominee and current President Donald Trump in the number three election. Let me tell you that Biden was the Vice-President under former US President Barack Obama’s term before this.

Let us tell you that this Democratic Party Conference was first proposed in Wisconsin, but due to Coronavirus started on digital medium on Monday. The conference called for nationwide solidarity against racism, US solidarity amidst discussions of the Coronavirus problem, and the devastating economy.

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