The AAP government has already begun work on the installation of 1.4 lakh cameras. The tender process has begun to form another 1.5 lakh cameras.

New Delhi: Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia Sunday said as part of a security boost initiative, three lakh CCTV cameras will be installed in Delhi, claiming that Arvind Kejriwal’s government is devoted to ensuring the safety of women in the city.

A control room will be set up the PWD headquarters in ITO area to keep a constant vigil on any eve- teasers on miscreants in every nook and cranny. These high-tech cameras will be equipped with a scheme that will provide a live feed to the area’s RWA and on a phone to the SHO. The feeds will be store for 30 days and old feed can also be accessed on phone.

Hitting out at the detractors of the AAP government, he repeated that it was for CCTV cameras and mohalla clinics to be installed that “CM I and other universities kept dharna in the LG house for over a week.”

Sisodia claimed that “only two other cities globally” have such a robust system of CCTV camera across the city. Delhi is going to be “the third,” he said, “I congratulate Patparganj’s individuals. It is a big dream to realize today. It is related to women safety (Delhi police ) does not directly come under the Delhi government it is doing whatever it can and installation of CCTV is a step in that direction only.

Whole Delhi is to get 1.4 lakh CCTV camera in two-three months, said Sisodia during the case held at a super-shine chowk in East Vinod Nagar in East Delhi adding, Patparganj get 2,000 cameras in the first stage “and the tender project started for another 1.5 lakh cameras.

Our sister and daughter will get the biggest relief Sisodia said. The deputy chief minister, who is also Delhi’s Education Minister, said the camera will be installed separately for schools and buses.

“A women or a girl will save Rs 2000- 3000 monthly and that benefits will also cascade to the male members. A father can spend More on daughter’ books and education than he said “it is a big step to ensure women safety.

Writer: Prity Singh

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