On Thursday, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said Australia was a victim of a major cyber attack. The websites and data of many government and private firms in Australia were targeted in this attack. Now it’s been reviewed by the Federal Government and security services.

There was a cyber attack in Australia on Thursday, according to the news agency, for this a foreign agency is being blamed in the initial investigation. Prime Minister Scott Morrison has alerted this country’s residents and suggested they would be careful when doing it online.

At the press conference, the Australian PM said that all major sectors including government, private, political, economic, education, and health of the country have been cyber-attacked. It’s been tried over the last few months, but in the last few days, it has grown considerably.

Australia’s Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Home Affairs have now issued an alert to the people of every sector for this. Let us know that for the last few days, there is a constant war of words between Australia and China, Australia is constantly questioning China on the Corona crisis, fake goods, and many issues.

Meanwhile, there has been a cyberattack on Australia, many experts in the country and the world have pointed to China behind this attack. Australia had taken tough decisions regarding China due to the controversy in the past, including a ban on beef exports, increasing tariffs, and cautioning its citizens.

Significantly, the United States has regularly accused China of cyber-attacks in the past, though China has each time refuted such allegations.

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