New Delhi:

A Canadian couple was supposed to get married in the presence of 400 guests but then the pandemic happened but their plans didn’t get canceled instead they chose to get married in a greenhouse and had as many plants if not more to substitute as guests. Their relatives and friends joined in on a zoom call to attend a very well planned wedding.

An American teenager who was playing hide and seek thought it was a great idea to hide inside the washing machine. The firemen had to be called for rescue, but they also did ask the all-important question, did you win the game?

Officials at a Californian city dumped a whole lot of sand at the skate park. The deed was done to keep the skaters away in these times while the dirt bikers made the most of it having found perfect ground to display their skills. They even teamed up with the skaters to get rid of the sand.

This couple found out last month that the world was reeling under a pandemic, they had been sailing across the Atlantic Ocean and had strictly told their families that no bad news should be shared with them. They had only found out when an island they wanted to dock at had sealed its borders, although come to think about it they did maintain social distance all along.

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