An increased number of coronavirus infections in the US is being cited as the reason behind more investigations. Vice President Mike Pence and top health official Alex M. in the region. Azar Second said on Sunday that more investigations are taking place, which is why more infected patients are coming in, it is not because many things are uncovered.

Some say it’s rising because the lockout elimination is incorrect. This is the result of more inquiries. In New York, government official Andrew Cuomo lashed out at the Trump administration about this, stating that the administration is denying about the problem. When the fact is said they don’t want to tell the American public the facts, maybe Corona would be more infected. This is going to cause fear among citizens.

Cuomo said on NBC’s Meet the Press program that China, the main center of the coronavirus, recorded 5 deaths on Sunday, the lowest recorded since the outbreak of infection there. He said there’s a concern that it might spread and do more harm in the states where the virus has endured the most.

The former head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Dr. Thomas R. Frieden said that both the total number and percentage of positive tests for coronavirus increased. There is no doubt that this is part of the virus. He predicted that the spread of corona infection in some states would continue at an explosive level in the coming weeks.

The same thing was discussed all over America on Sunday that Russia would be rewarded for killing soldiers stationed in Afghanistan through compromise with the Taliban. The coronavirus pandemic also remains a major topic in the country. Trump, on the other hand, has also been criticized for reopening the country’s economy.

On the other hand, the health expert is concerned that the removal of the lockdown in the name of the economy has again raised the risk of spreading the infection here. In the US anyway, Corona infection has caused the most damage. The most infected and most deaths have also occurred here.

Health department officials say no other country has done the way Corona has affected the American economy. Due to this, there was a need to be more careful here, but that has not been taken care of, the result of which will appear again in a few days.

The Vice President also reduced the severity of the increase in new cases by stating that the virus had primarily infected younger people, who are less likely to be hospitalized. But Freeden noted that it takes time for patients to be hospitalized and possibly die, and said that infection was still a significant threat in young people.

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