Finance ministers of European countries severely affected by the global epidemic of Coronavirus have agreed to a $ 550 billion deal to overcome this. This agreement is perceived to be very critical for the European Economy because it expects the economic slowdown triggered by this global outbreak.

Nevertheless, the meeting did not accept the application of Italy and France for loans from the capital markets in general. This proposal is not included in this Arrangement.

During this agreement, the Netherlands also maintained its softness on the idea that it had asked the needy countries to be ready to commit to economic reform. The meeting started two days ago.

The Hague tried to disrupt this dialogue by saying that Italy or other countries presently contribute to the needy countries in accordance with the goals. Italy’s statement was quite shocking.

After the negotiations, French Finance Minister Bruno Le Myre tweeted that the European Union had agreed and was able to cope with the magnitude of the crisis. Let us tell you that the agreement clearly states that this has been done solely for the expenses related to the COVID-19 crisis which has killed more than 65,000 people in Europe.

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