Corona, which started in China, is now causing mayhem in many world countries. Corona has died in Japan for the first time. Japan’s health minister has confirmed the death of an 80-year-old woman there from coronavirus. While the death toll is steadily increasing in China. Corona’s death toll in China has reached in 1500.

Corona is taking its form in other countries of the world. Corona’s 1st death was confirmed in Japan. The news agency cited Minister of Health Katsunobu Kato as saying an 80-year-old woman had been admitted to hospital.

He is no more. The conclusion of the Corona investigation revealed that the result was positive after death. The woman was from the Tokyo boundary. Before this, there was one death each outside of China in Hong Kong and the Philippines.

28 new cases of corona have been confirmed on the Diamond Princess cruise standing off the coast of Yokohama, Japan. A total of 218 cases of Corona is recorded at the cruise in this manner.

Unfortunately, some cruise officers got infected too. Let us know that a total of 3711 people are stranded on this cruise for a week. Symptoms of coronavirus were first seen in a person who was riding from Hong Kong on this cruise.

The rising mortality statistics in China are scaring the entire world. Corona has extended its wings in 31 provinces over there. Between them, the most impacted is Wuhan City in Hubei Province. From here the coronavirus began. So far, 1500 people have died due to corona in China, while the number of confirmed cases has crossed 65 thousand. On Friday, 121 people died from Corona.

23610cookie-checkCorona’s anger form, with 121 more deaths in China, crosses number 1500