New Delhi:

Cases regarding corona are increasing day by day. The government is attempting to help all they can, but it does not seem as though it is enough. People have reached their limits many are looking forward to being reconnected to the outside world again.

Politicians and policymakers have been under the pressure to let people know what is truly going on with the 21 days lockdown policy, will it be lifted or is this a blueprint set up for 3 months lockdown.

“We can’t keep making the measures more and more stringent without knowing whether this will make any difference at all,” says Christian Drosten, German Virologist.

Jordan Coombe-a famous blogger, with 14k followers on Instagram posted the following post stating “When this ends. All football matches will sell out, restaurants will have a long wait, kids will be GLAD to be in school, everyone will love their job, pubs will be rammed, and gigs will be plentiful. We’ll kiss and shake hands. That’s gonna be a good day.
Hang in there, World.”

In the short term, lockdown servers as s simple function which leaves the ultimate goal unclear. Deepika Padukone was asked what the first thing she was going to do after the quarantine will have been finished, she said she would first visit her parents.

Her family resides in Bangalore. She told that she had already scheduled to meet her family and then work on her upcoming projects.

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