New Delhi:

A doctor from the government hospital has been tested positive to COVID-19. The hospital has been shut down and the sanitization of a said hospital is ongoing.

How did the doctor catch this virus has not been verified, but it is reported that the doctor has a brother who came from the UK. This proves that the ones fighting for us are also mortals. They work hard all the time, and in doing so we will support them.

They expose themselves to the virus while treating sick patients when we are in the safety of our own homes. They are immersing themselves in treatments that they had to stay away from their families to prevent them from catching the novel coronavirus germs. They are the real protagonists of the days of today.

We can help them by following the strategies played out by our honorable PM, social distancing and the lockdown.

We can also aid them by following safety precautions, if we go out of restocking of our daily products, we should carry a hand sanitizer, wash hands with soap and water, wear a mask, sneeze, and cough while covering the nose and mouth respectively, avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth, if you have a fever, cough and difficulty breathing, seek medical care early.

So, we will get rid of the pressure from the physicians by taking care of ourselves.

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