China’s hackers confronting suspicions of coronavirus spreading across the world are now hacking their computers to steal data from companies involved in the vaccine producing process. The US Justice Department named a pair of these Chinese hackers on Tuesday and blamed the Chinese hackers.

The department alleges that the hacking pair tried to steal data from industries around the world, including defense contractors, high-end manufacturing, on behalf of the country’s intelligence service. At the moment both are known as Li Jiaoyu and Dong Jiaji. They have formerly served as China’s secret agents.

They have experience in cracking computer data in this way, because of that, these two are cracking computer data from countries manufacturing Coronavirus vaccines these days to support their nation produce vaccines.

Authorities said a lawsuit against both was also reported earlier this month. It is believed that those Chinese hackers tried to break into the computer network of companies working on the Corona vaccine in recent months. The names of companies for the Corona vaccine are public.

The US has alleged that Chinese hackers are targeting research related to coronavirus. The US Justice Department on Tuesday accused two Chinese hackers of stealing secrets related to the trading of millions of dollars from companies around the world.

The US Justice Department also said that Chinese hackers also targeted companies that are involved in preparing the vaccine for the coronavirus. Coronavirus has spread from China but it has not been able to make its vaccine yet, in such a situation, China is thinking that if any other country has made the coronavirus vaccine, then it will be very insulted internationally, due to this It wants it to steal the data contained in computers of other countries and provide it to its scientists so that its vaccine can be made first here.

The Department of Justice says that such clandestine activity in China would potentially affect coronavirus research as well. These suspects were hacking hundreds of computer networks across the globe and doing millions of dollars in harm to the intellectual property of unknown companies.

Hackers researched radio and laser technology from a California defense firm and engineering drawings for gas turbines from a company operating in the United States and Japan.

Officials from the Department of Justice and FBI said that the hackers were searching for and researching information about coronavirus vaccines from American biotech firms. The case filed did not say whether they were able to successfully steal information or research on the coronavirus vaccine.

The pair attempted to hack a Massachusetts biotech firm, which was researching the COVID-19 vaccine. A few days later on February 1, the pair tried to find vulnerabilities on the network of a California biotech firm.

This firm had announced that it was researching COVID-19 antiviral drugs. Then in May, I tried to steal similar data by hacking the computer of a California diagnostic firm that developed the COVID testing kit.

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